Eberhard Th. Haas
Das Rätsel des Sündenbocks
Zur Entschlüsselung einer grundlegenden kulturellen Figur

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"Die niedere Abkunft der Götter"
Buchbesprechung zu „Das Rätsel des Sündenbocks“ von Laslo Scholtze

"Das Rätsel des Sündenbocks"
Interview über die Theorie des Religiösen bei Freud und Girard von Laslo Scholtze


Eberhard Th. Haas
What has become of Totem and Taboo?

Traditional theories of ritual, which Freud and Reik invoked at the beginning of the twentieth century and attempted to integrate within psychoanalytic thought, have been back in fashion for some years now. In addition, various interdisciplinary research projects are currently devoted to aspects of the ‘dynamics of ritual’. The debate concerns not only rituals in the original sense but also re-tribalizations, modern totemisms and new ritual formations, for instance on the Internet or in the media. Civil-religious manifestations in relation to catastrophes, including commemorations of the Holocaust, also belong in this context...

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